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Titan Computer T6

Titan Computer T6

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Titan Racing T6 Wired Computer: Your Essential Cycling Companion

Harness the Power of Technology on Your Rides

The Titan Racing T6 Wired Computer is the quintessential gadget for cyclists who crave efficiency and precision. This slimline, water-resistant device is more than just a cycling computer; it's a window to a myriad of metrics that define your journey.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 6 Functional Capabilities: Track your current speed, trip distance, total distance, time (12/24-hour format), average speed, and even your maximum speed.
  • Waterproof Design: Ride in any weather without worrying about damage.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features like a low battery indicator, selectable display mode, auto on/off, and auto-scan simplify your experience.
  • Elegant and Robust Build: Its sleek design not only looks great but is built to last.

Technical Specifications

Feature Description
Functions Current speed, Trip/Total distance, Clock, Average/Maximum speed
Water Resistance Yes
Battery Indicator Low battery warning
Display Modes Selectable, user-friendly interface
Auto Features Auto on/off, Auto-scan
Colour Availability One standard color option

Experience Enhanced Cycling

Every ride becomes an opportunity to improve and push boundaries with the T6 Wired Computer. Understand your performance and set new personal records. It's not just a tool; it's your partner on the road.

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