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16" Avalanche Billygoat

16" Avalanche Billygoat

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Avalanche Billy Goat 16" - Unleash Freestyle Fun on Two Wheels

Elevate Your BMX Skills with the Avalanche Billy Goat

Avalanche Billy Goat 16" stands out as a top choice for young BMX enthusiasts. Designed with the spirit of freestyle BMX, this bike features a gyro brake cable and a freestyle handlebar, making it perfect for tackling any obstacle. Its sleek white color adds to its appealing look, ensuring your young rider stands out.

Key Features:

  • Robust Steel Frame and Fork: Ensures durability and provides a rigid, responsive ride.
  • Dynamic Braking System: Comes with a U-Brake system, allowing for quick and safe stopping.
  • Freestyle Adaptability: Equipped with a gyro brake cable system and front & rear pegs for BMX tricks.

Designed for Young Daredevils

The Avalanche Billy Goat 16" is not just a kids bicycle; it's a BMX freestyle machine. Ideal for kids ready to explore BMX biking, this bike offers a blend of performance and fun. It's equipped with features that support both learning and advanced riding techniques.


Feature Specification
Frame Steel
Fork Steel Rigid
Wheels Street 16in
Brakes U-Brake
Gears Single Speed
Tyres 16X1.95 Street
Additional Gyro Brake Cable System, Front & Rear Pegs, Chain Guard

Why Choose the Avalanche Billy Goat 16"?

  • BMX Ready: Perfect for youngsters keen on BMX freestyle.
  • Safety and Performance: Features a gyro brake cable for full control during stunts.
  • Built to Last: Durable steel frame suitable for the rigors of BMX riding.

Start Your BMX Adventure Today

The Avalanche Billy Goat 16" is available at Linden Cycles. It's the perfect choice for young riders who are serious about BMX and want a bike that grows with their skills. Join the BMX world with this fantastic bicycle.

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