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Chaoyang Tyres

Chaoyang Speedshark WB 700x28c 30Tpi

Chaoyang Speedshark WB 700x28c 30Tpi

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Chaoyang Speedshark WB 700x28C 30TPI tyres


The Chaoyang Speedshark WB 700x28C 30TPI tires are designed with a unique arrowhead tread pattern at the center, offering exceptional straight line steering and control. This ensures you can navigate your bike with ease and confidence, without compromising on grip and acceleration.

Not only that, these tires also boast minimized rolling resistance, which means you can enjoy a more efficient and comfortable riding experience. The reduced resistance allows you to ride with less effort, making it easier to glide through roads and paths with ease.

Additionally, the balanced tread pattern of these tires ensures effortless rolling, allowing you to maintain a smooth and steady pace. The finely spaced grooves on the surface of the tread provide excellent grip during curves, ensuring you have a surefooted ride even when taking corners.

Stay in control and enjoy a comfortable and efficient ride with the Chaoyang Speedshark WB 700x25C 30TPI tires.
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