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Chaoyang Tyres

Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29

Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29

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Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29


For your all-round dry conditions, the Chaoyang Tyre Phantom Dry 29 is an excellent choice. With its medium height tread, it provides great traction and control under braking. The tight knobs at the center minimize rolling resistance, while the open space on the shoulder gives you safety and stability through the corner.


2C-MTB: Dual Compound

The 2C-MTB technology of the Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29 features a dual compound construction, ensuring optimal performance and durability. This compound offers a balance between grip and rolling efficiency, giving you confidence on various terrains.

Silica Control: XC Racing Compound

With the Silica Control XC Racing Compound, the Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29 delivers exceptional traction and control in cross country racing. This compound enhances grip on dry surfaces, allowing you to maintain speed and stability during intense rides.

SPS: Shark Skin Protection On Sidewall

The Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29 is equipped with SPS (Shark Skin Protection) on the sidewall. This innovative technology provides enhanced puncture resistance, protecting the tire from sharp objects and ensuring a longer lifespan.

120 TPI - High Density

The Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29 features a high-density 120 TPI (Threads Per Inch) casing, which guarantees durability and reliability during demanding rides. This construction offers excellent sidewall support and reduces the risk of flats.

Tubeless Ready

The Chaoyang Tyre Phantom 29 is tubeless ready, allowing you to experience the benefits of tubeless technology. By eliminating the inner tube, you can ride with lower tire pressures for improved traction, reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced puncture resistance.

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