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Handle Bar Ryder Rizer

Handle Bar Ryder Rizer

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RIZER HANDLEBAR: Elevate Your Cycling Experience

Experience Unmatched Control and Comfort

Introducing the RIZER HANDLEBAR, a cutting-edge addition to Linden Cycles' premium cycling components collection. Specially designed for cyclists who demand the best in quality and performance, this handlebar is a game-changer in biking comfort and control.

Lightweight Aluminium for Peak Performance

Crafted from high-quality, lightweight aluminium, the RIZER HANDLEBAR is engineered to provide optimal strength without adding unnecessary weight to your bike. This ensures a smoother ride and better handling, especially on challenging terrains.

Optimal Rise and Width for Enhanced Control

With a 40mm rise and a generous width of 720mm, the RIZER HANDLEBAR offers extra control and stability. Whether navigating through tight trails or cruising on open roads, this handlebar gives you the confidence to tackle any ride with ease.

Designed by Ryder Cycling – A Legacy of Innovation

The RIZER HANDLEBAR comes from the renowned brand Ryder Cycling, known for its innovative approach to cycling accessories since 1996. Originating in South Africa, Ryder Cycling has been at the forefront of producing high-quality cycling products, including helmets, puncture protection gear, and now, the exceptional RIZER HANDLEBAR.

Get Your RIZER HANDLEBAR at Linden Cycles

Upgrade your cycling experience with the RIZER HANDLEBAR, available now at Linden Cycles. Embrace the blend of technology, comfort, and control in one sleek package. Visit us in-store or online to add this indispensable component to your cycling gear today!

For any questions about the RIZER HANDLEBAR, feel free to contact our expert team at Linden Cycles, who are always ready to assist you in choosing the perfect cycling components for your needs.

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