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Motul Brake Clean

Motul Brake Clean

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MOTUL® Brake Clean - Advanced Bicycle Brake Cleaner

Ensure the optimal performance of your bike's braking system with MOTUL® Brake Clean, the powerful, fast-drying, solvent-free, water-based cleaner. Specially formulated with readily biodegradable ingredients, this brake cleaner is designed to keep your brakes, rotors, and pads in top condition.

Powerful and Fast-Drying

MOTUL® Brake Clean is a powerful solution that quickly dissolves oil, grease, tar, and brake pad residue. Its fast-drying formula ensures that your brakes are clean and ready for use in no time, without any lingering residue.

Restores Braking Performance

Regular use of MOTUL® Brake Clean restores braking performance by effectively removing dirt and grease from brake rotors. This cleaner also eliminates unpleasant squeals, ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

Biodegradable and Safe

Formulated with readily biodegradable ingredients, MOTUL® Brake Clean is environmentally friendly and safe to use. It cleans without leaving any marks, evaporating quickly and completely.

Why Choose MOTUL® Brake Clean?

  • Effective Cleaning: Dissolves oil, grease, tar, and brake pad residue.
  • Fast-Drying: Evaporates quickly without leaving marks.
  • Restores Performance: Improves braking efficiency and eliminates squeals.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Made with readily biodegradable ingredients.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for cleaning brakes, rotors, and pads.

Maintain the safety and efficiency of your bike's braking system with MOTUL® Brake Clean. Experience the superior cleaning power and quick-drying action. Available now at Linden Cycles.

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