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Ryder Brush Drive Train

Ryder Brush Drive Train

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Ryder Cycling BRUSHKIT: Essential Cleaning Tools for Every Cyclist

Comprehensive Cleaning Solution

Introducing the BRUSHKIT by Ryder Cycling, a complete set of cleaning tools designed to keep your bike in top condition. Available at our store, this kit is a must-have for cyclists who value cleanliness and efficiency in bike maintenance.

Ergonomic and Efficient Design

Each brush in the BRUSHKIT features ergonomic dual compound handles for easy grip and effective cleaning. The design ensures that you can comfortably reach every nook and cranny of your bike, making the cleaning process both thorough and enjoyable.

Versatile Brush Set for All Bike Parts

The BRUSHKIT includes:

  • Detail Brush: Perfect for getting into small spaces and detailed areas.
  • Drivetrain Brush: Specially designed for cleaning chains, cassettes, and derailleurs.
  • Frame Brush: Ideal for cleaning the bike frame and larger surfaces.
  • General Purpose Brush: Versatile for various cleaning needs.


Ryder Cycling: A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

Ryder Cycling has been a pioneer in cycling accessories since 1996, starting with the development and manufacturing of water bottles in South Africa. Over the years, the brand has expanded to include a range of high-quality products, including helmets, puncture protection gear, and now the indispensable BRUSHKIT.

Get Your BRUSHKIT Today!

Visit our store to pick up your Ryder Cycling BRUSHKIT and ensure your bike is always in pristine condition. For more information or assistance, our expert team at Linden Cycles is always ready to help.

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