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Ryder CO2 Bracket

Ryder CO2 Bracket

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SLYDER CO2 STORAGE SYSTEM: Ultimate Convenience for Cyclists

Versatile Storage Options

Introducing the SLYDER CO2 STORAGE SYSTEM, a revolutionary accessory now available at Linden Cycles. Choose between carrying two CO2 cartridges or one CO2 cartridge along with a Ryder Slug Plug. This system offers unmatched flexibility for your riding needs.

Innovative Patented Sliding System

The SLYDER features a patented sliding system that ensures quick release and a secure fit. This innovative design allows for the pre-attachment of an adaptor to your CO2 cartridge, making it ready for action whenever you need it.

Protection from Freeze Burn

With the protective sleeve included in the SLYDER CO2 STORAGE SYSTEM, protect your fingers from the freeze burn typically associated with CO2 cartridges. Ride in comfort and safety, knowing that you're well-prepared for any situation.

Multiple Mounting Options

Mount the SLYDER SYSTEM on your frame, seat post, or bottle cage. Its versatile mounting options ensure that it fits seamlessly with your bike, keeping your CO2 cartridges accessible and secure.

Your Reliable Companion on the Road

Ryder Cycling, known for its high-quality cycling accessories, brings you the SLYDER CO2 STORAGE SYSTEM. Make it a part of your cycling kit and experience the convenience it brings to every ride. Find this essential tool at Linden Cycles, where we are dedicated to enhancing your cycling experience.

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