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Ryder Force Saddle

Ryder Force Saddle

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Ryder Cycling FORCE SADDLE: Engineered for Performance and Comfort

Optimized for Increased Blood Flow

Introducing the FORCE SADDLE, a state-of-the-art cycling saddle available at Linden Cycles. This saddle is specifically designed to increase blood flow to sensitive arteries, ensuring a comfortable and healthy ride, even during the most aggressive cycling sessions.

Lightweight and Durable ChroMO Rails

The FORCE SADDLE features lightweight ChroMO rails, providing a perfect balance of strength and minimal weight. This design choice significantly enhances the overall performance of the saddle, making it ideal for riders who prioritize both durability and ease of maneuverability.

Unisex Design for Aggressive Riding Positions

Crafted as a unisex performance saddle, the FORCE SADDLE caters to cyclists who prefer a more aggressive and forward riding position. Its ergonomic design supports this dynamic posture without compromising on comfort.

Compact Size and Efficient Weight

With a size of 145mm and a weight of just 284g, this saddle is compact yet robust. It's perfectly suited for riders looking for a high-performance saddle that doesn't add unnecessary bulk to their setup.

Your Ultimate Cycling Companion

Ryder Cycling continues its legacy of providing top-tier cycling accessories with the FORCE SADDLE. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and performance by choosing this saddle from Linden Cycles, where quality meets innovation.

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