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Ryder Peleton Road Shoes

Ryder Peleton Road Shoes

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Ryder Cycling PELOTON ROAD SHOE: The Epitome of Performance and Comfort

Engineered with a Stiff Nylon Sole

Introducing the PELOTON ROAD SHOE by Ryder Cycling, a top choice for avid cyclists. These shoes feature a stiff nylon sole, providing an optimal power transfer to the pedals, making every ride more efficient and effective.

Innovative A-Top Fastening System

The PELOTON ROAD SHOE incorporates the A-Top fastening system, allowing for quick adjustments and a secure, snug fit. This innovative design ensures maximum stability and comfort, even during the most intense rides.

Lightweight Upper Construction

Designed with a lightweight upper construction, these shoes offer a comfortable and barely-there feel, reducing fatigue and enhancing performance on long rides.

Breathable Mesh Upper for Optimal Ventilation

Featuring a breathable mesh upper, the PELOTON ROAD SHOE ensures excellent ventilation, keeping your feet cool and dry. This feature is essential for maintaining comfort during extended cycling sessions.

Ultra-Light for Peak Performance

With a weight of just 253 grams (based on size UK7), these shoes are among the lightest in their class, contributing to a more agile and responsive cycling experience.

Your Premium Cycling Gear

Available at our store, the PELOTON ROAD SHOE from Ryder Cycling combines advanced technology with practical design, making it a must-have for any road cyclist. Step up your cycling game with these high-performance shoes.

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