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Ryder Cleat Keo

Ryder Cleat Keo

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RC7 Cleats: Precision and Performance for Cyclists

Unmatched Compatibility with Look KEO and Ryder K-mag Pedals

Introducing the RC7 Cleats, a top-notch choice for cycling enthusiasts at Linden Cycles. These cleats are expertly designed to be compatible with both Look KEO and Ryder K-mag pedals, providing a versatile solution for your cycling needs.

Ultra-Lightweight for Peak Performance

At a mere 45 grams per pair, the RC7 Cleats are among the lightest on the market. This lightweight design translates into minimal interference with your pedaling, ensuring that every ride is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Ryder Cycling: A Tradition of Quality

Since its inception in South Africa in 1996, Ryder Cycling has been committed to producing high-quality cycling accessories. From water bottles to helmets and now the RC7 Cleats, Ryder Cycling continues to innovate and enhance the cycling experience.

Get Your RC7 Cleats at Linden Cycles

Upgrade your cycling setup with the RC7 Cleats, available now at Linden Cycles. Visit us in-store or online to explore these and other top-quality cycling accessories designed to boost your performance and enjoyment.

For more details or assistance, feel free to contact our knowledgeable team at Linden Cycles, who are always eager to help you make the best choice for your cycling adventures.

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